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ProHair Live 2020
Sunday 23rd February
10am - 5pm
Monday 24th February
10am - 4.30pm
Manchester Central


How can a client maintain a look at home, even next day hair, in our crazy weather? In her ever speeding pace of life? In her ever growing ambition?

The idea for DAFNI was ignited in 2012, when a too short haircut helped Sharon Rabi, an engineering student, discover the power of hair while spending hours a week by the power socket, practicing her shabby eye-hand coordination and over toning her triceps.

Confident that something better can be done, she challenged her father, a senior engineer in Israeli Hi-Tech, to help design a tool that fits the woman of today.

After three years of development, DAFNI, named after Sharon’s younger sister, exploded into the world in 2015, when a simple demo video Sharon made reached a 120 million organic views, 2 million shares.

DAFNI has since evolved an now offers several straightening brushes for different hair lengths and texture including a completely cordless brush- DAFNI allure.

While developing the brand we fell in love with hair artists, your passion and professionality, the desire to make every client shine and the hardship of running a business.

It became our mission to learn more, to become a positive part of your business, a way to make your client excited about her hair anytime and anywhere; when she loves her hair, she loves you.

Use your influence to increase your income and strengthen your relationship with your client. Stop by our booth to learn of the many ways we can help each other grow.

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